Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 25

3 Seconds With a Goddess


Idol worship is a drain on humanity.  By strongly worshiping another being we give away our power to that person, and neither one is truly served.  One downside to idol worship is that the adored person can misuse the projected power; another is the recipient is being asked to take on something they do not …

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Oct 14

Appeal to the Power of Generosity

Do you ever feel powerless, especially at an airport?  Speaking out in the Harvard Business Review blog, leadership consultant Peter Bregman shows that opening one’s heart works; both from the perspective of a customer and as an employee. (Summary of Mr. Bregman’s Blog below) Have you ever been stuck in a disagreement with someone, then …

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Oct 02


I have always been the sensitive one. The one who feels my own joys and fears and sentiments deeply, the one who also feels the emotions of others as well.  For many years I thought this was a detriment in all aspects of my career, so I tried to keep it hidden, worked not to …

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