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I have always been the sensitive one. The one who feels my own joys and fears and sentiments deeply, the one who also feels the emotions of others as well.  For many years I thought this was a detriment in all aspects of my career, so I tried to keep it hidden, worked not to care so much, not to take the workplace personally.  For many of my colleagues and managers (and even friends) this emotionalism, this deep engagement was a distraction at best and a “distancer” at worst. Their reasons for stepping back ran the gamut from thinking the best decisions in business (& life) are logical, to assuming that my show of feelings would cause them to become too emotional themselves – perhaps lose control.

Then there were those precious few who, like me, were not afraid to genuinely care, or at least respected and appreciated my compassionate workplace ethic. With their support, I made the decision to consciously bring my heart to work, and to each of my friendships, daily.

And so, I start this blog, and dedicate it to those who understood and encouraged me over the years, and all of you who have put up with my zaniness!  I especially dedicate it to my mom, whose loving heart causes me to tear up regularly – even as I become “mature” myself.  To my dad, who has become quite mushy later in life, and especially to Jeff, who professes not to understand me, but loves me anyway.

Over the years as I have grown more comfortable in my skin (and mind and self) and as society has changed, I have come to realize that… Open Hearted Works!

I invite you to bring your Open Heart and join in on this journey.

Sincerely, Lisa Hamaker

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