Oct 25

3 Seconds With a Goddess

Idol worship is a drain on humanity.  By strongly worshiping another being we give away our power to that person, and neither one is truly served.  One downside to idol worship is that the adored person can misuse the projected power; another is the recipient is being asked to take on something they do not want.  Because I feel strongly about this, I have probably missed some insightful lessons or guidance that would have come from letting myself revere another person deeply.  Even as a new engineer right out of college I resisted exalting senior managers at my company.  Don’t get me wrong, I respected their knowledge, experience and abilities, but tried to never follow blindly.

That changed last Thursday as I sat for an hour listening to Marianne Williamson speak on Conscious Capitalism.  I was mesmerized by how she “gets it”, that her spiritual teachings can help not just businesses, but that bringing her (our) spirit and heart to business allows the business to evolve on all levels and everyone involved can move to a new and expanded place.  As I listened to Marianne’s profound words unfold paths for moving forward, I moved from awe, to inspiration, to motivation.  But that was not when I transitioned to worship.

My transformation came later, in the bathroom.  While washing my hands (somehow water flowing over my hands is a part of this story), I reached for a paper towel and looked around.  It took me a few seconds to realize that the very busy bathroom of a few minutes ago had become quiet as the others finished and returned to the conference.  Then I recognized that one of the other two women in the room was the very person who’s presentation and presence had enlivened me moments before. Only two words would come to my lips.

I looked straight at the famous Marianne Williamson and said a heartfelt “Thank You.”  What I never expected was that she would look straight at me and say in return, “Thank You.”  In that split second of our heartfelt contact, I knew a depth of humanity and courage like never before; mutual gratitude for the wonderful honor of being human and the ability to connect so profoundly.

For the first time in my remembrance I worshiped another.  Ironically I also was lifted by my worship to a state of knowing (and wanting to live up to my) true human potential. Thank YOU Marianne Williamson.  Thank you Lisa Hamaker.

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