Nov 19

TCA, a Stupendous Acronym

Because of my history as a marketing geek, I love acronyms.  Today I found one of the best ever – TCA!  Just finished reading Robert Sutton’s great book “Good Boss, Bad Boss” and in the chapter titles Squelch Your Inner Bosshole is TCA-Total Cost of Assholes.

I’ll let you read the book for the details, but suffice to day the costs to the organization add up quickly and consist of lost productivity, employee theft in reaction to mistreatment by superiors or colleagues, errors, recruiting costs, public relations, and etc.  The HR department in one company was so frustrated with the behavior of an executive that they spend a year totaling the costs of the person’s lack of tact.  It came to $160k!  And that’s just the behavior and results the HR department knew about.

Of course we are all aware of the  expensive PR portion of the TCA for the former CEO of British Petroleum Tony Hayward.  His statements are proof that asshole comments don’t always have to sound mean or be said loudly.  Mr. Hayward gained notoriety by stating soon after the explosion that “the environmental impact of the Gulf spill would likely be “very very modest” and calling the spill “relatively tiny” in comparison with the size of the ocean.”  But the statement that really endeared him to the world was when he told a reporter “we’re sorry for the massive disruption it’s caused to their lives. There’s no one who wants this thing over more than I do, I’d like my life back.”  This statement demonstrates one of the prime characteristics of bad bosses, lack of self-awareness.

Of course there are thousands of blog and comment posts about Tony’s gaffs, but let’s talk about it from an Open Hearted perspective.

  • What should Mr. Hayward have said to begin with?
  • After making the gaff, is there a way to recover from it?
  • For fun, what do you think these gaffs cost BP?

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