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More on the meaning of Open Hearted Works!

Being Open Hearted means approaching everything in life with an open heart.

Having and Open Heart ensures that our heart cannot be broken because, like the tree that bends in the fierce wind, an open heart allows everything to flow – through, around, and inside.  An Open Heart knows that the only true source of self-esteem is being comfortable in our own skin—trusting SELF.

The funny thing is that as we open our hearts and become more comfortable in ourselves, situations that would have bothered us in the past now matter less.  In other words, the more we look to our open heart to allow uncomfortable situations to flow through and not fetter us, the less we need it.  We don’t rely as much on external situations as we steadily we find our own centered, peaceful state.

I have long practiced Open Hearted Works on a personal level–as a way to grow and appreciate the tremendous bounty around me and inside me. I would also sneak the concept into work situations.  Then a few years ago I realized that Open Hearted Works is also an astounding business practice!

I have since taken it to countless business situations with powerful results.  In addition, recent business trends demonstrate that companies and organizations can… do well by doing good.

connected hearts

Hearts Connected

If organizations were to take their “do good” practice further and encourage an Open Hearted Workplace, they would achieve even more dramatic positive results.  How?

  • Everyone associated with the organization grows emotionally, socially, and professionally by being involved in an environment that promotes intrinsic self-knowledge and self-esteem.
  • Less effort is needed to achieve visions and goals–personal and corporate–through higher levels of respect and communication.
  • By allowing more time for play, fun, and human “being”, innate creativity is encouraged to thrive, resulting in more diverse ideas and solutions.
  • Mutual respect among employees engenders strong loyalty to the organization and it’s purpose; which in turn engenders strong customer loyalty.  (Customer loyalty is the one benchmark that can be relied upon as a positive measure of organizational growth.)

What examples of Open Hearted Works have you been involved with in your workplace?  Outside your workplace?

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    Thank you administrative assistant! It would be great to hear your examples and/or ideas. Regards, Lisa

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