Jan 04

Open Heart vs. Self Promotion

How do we find that fine line between having an open heart and being self-promotional? Today’s Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review states:

“When it comes to job performance, your reputation often precedes you. That is, if you are known as a high performer, chances are people will perceive your work positively.  It behooves you to build a strong reputation…  The best way to do this is to be sure people–your boss, your peers, and your subordinates–know about your good work.  Don’t assume they notice… You don’t need to be self promotional…”

There are several ways to accomplish this without being perceived as too self-promotional–praise others, share the success of your group, talk about specifics and share data, not idealistic patter.

When we ensure that the people we work with know about our accomplishments, there are many benefits.  Here are a few:

  • We are more likely to move forward on our desired career path
  • We are more likely to get work that appeals to us
  • We and the company both benefit from the increased productivity of being involved in work that is in line with our interests and desires

These ideas address a topic that I feel strongly about and will continue to address in future posts–the notion that being Open Hearted does not mean being super nice to everyone else and at the expense of our own goals and interests.  Sometimes the path to our highest good is also the path to the highest good for those around us as well.

I will venture to posit that–whatever is truly in my best interests cannot be harmful to another.  Have you experienced situations like this?  Please share!

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