Jan 12

JitterJam is… just that!

Does the plethora of social media STUFF make you nervous?  Do you want to take your Social Media Marketing to the next level, but don’t want to waste time and effort?  JitterJam is THE ANSWER!

At the WPI Venture Forum last night, it was a privilege to hear JitterJam’s president and VP marketing present their social media CRM solution in a way that helped the audience to understand their product and better understand social media.  Using JitterJam will help you make sense of Social Media and know the right avenues to pursue. If you are not sure that JitterJam will work for your business, see a demo video or attend a webinar.  Even if JitterJam is not the answer, there are great lessons about Social Media Marketing.

Ok, this is a little off the track of my usual posts and Open Hearted Works insights and ideas. BUT, Social Media is a wonderful way to get to know people and the more we know about others, the easier it is to have an Open Heart.  In addition, I appreciated JitterJam’s intelligent presentation.  Perhaps that is also a basic tenet of Open Hearted Communication?

Tell us about other Social Media services you like – or dislike.

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