Feb 17

Thought Leader to Harvard Business Review?

Too funny, just opened today’s “Management Tip of the Day” from the Harvard Business Review.  Guess what?  They followed my lead from yesterday’s post about communication between different functions in a company.

The tip says “If you bring people from different part of the organization together to innovate, it’s possible this jargon will get in the way.”  The jargon it refers to is language specific to their work in their different departments.

HBR recommends “challenge them to build a common language and to use terms that resonate with everyone on the team.” This focus is even more important when working across the double boundaries of function and culture.

This challenge can be turned to an opportunity for growth for the people involved.  In addition, overcoming this challenge is a strong foundation upon which their other work will be built, which in turn supports their innovation and the growth of the whole organization.

One key to creating that common language is having an Open Heart–be interested in learning from your teammates rather than defending your position or silo. For more ideas on keeping an Open Heart, see my earlier post.

What tips do you have for creating a common language?  For keeping an Open Heart?

The tip was adapted from “Eight Communication Traps That Foil Innovation” by Georgia Everse.

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