Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 29

It Starts with Us

How do you define loyalty?  Where is that fine line between the honorable hanging in and being loyal? For decades I have progressed toward recognizing situations that are unhealthy for me and leaving sooner than in the past, or perhaps not engaging at all.  More and more often, I find myself distinguishing the difference between …

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Mar 25

You’re Invited! Beyond Social Responsibility: Conscious Capitalism

Would you like to have more trust in today’s business institutions?  Enjoy working for or with them? More Evolved: The growing movement toward Conscious Capitalism® believes that a more evolved form of capitalism is advancing the quality of life for billions of people while simultaneously providing excellent corporate performance. Workshop and Conversation: I would like …

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Mar 23

Going from a Closed to an Open Heart


I HATE those pop-up windows on my computer!  Don’t you?  Even when they tell me something useful, I still am quite annoyed by them. Then yesterday, my attitude changed a bit.  I logged in to Constant Contact.  Anxious to get to work on my email marketing campaign, I was annoyed to see a pop-up window. …

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Mar 22

Can an Open Heart Help Those in Japan?


From so far away, how can we help our friends in Japan heal and move forward  from their challenges?  Of course there are the usual ways to reach out by donating money & time, and sending prayers & good wishes which many of us are doing.  I realized that sending my prayers and good thoughts …

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Mar 15

Deer and DRiVE

iStock deer 1879406XSma

After 2 years of not knowing how far I was riding, or how fast, I now had my cycle computer working!  What a thrill for a calculating mind like mine.  Something for my mind to check on every moment—how fast, how far, average speed?  Careful, keep up the pace to make sure I hit that …

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Mar 07

Highest Business

“We are involved in a life that passes understanding and our highest business is our daily life.” ~ John Cage