Mar 22

Can an Open Heart Help Those in Japan?

From so far away, how can we help our friends in Japan heal and move forward  from their challenges?  Of course there are the usual ways to reach out by donating money & time, and sending prayers & good wishes which many of us are doing.  I realized that sending my prayers and good thoughts with the intention of Open Heartedness might be even more healing.  Here’s why.

When we are challenged or injured we tend to hunker down, bring our shoulders forward, lean-in around our tender core.  It’s a reaction as ancient as life itself–we are protecting our soft vital organs with our hard back bone and dispensable parts like arms and legs. This tends to also close off our emotions and our heart.

But having an Open Heart helps us to connect with one another more deeply and more quickly–creates a synergy which is quite powerful.  Japan is certainly in need of every ounce of heart and synergy they

can use (as are others in challenging situations round the world).

So I am not only sending healing vibes, but also thoughts for keeping an Open Heart, standing tall, keep their shoulders back, and reaching out to connect more quickly with one another and with the grace of healing and growth, and life.

As I brought up my browser to write about this, the Thought For The Day that came up is

“The miracle of love comes to you in the uninterpreted moment.  If you are mentally somewhere else, you miss real life.” Byron Katie.

Some times real life sucks.  It can be really challenging and horrific.  The miracle of love can still come to us in those moments if we are totally present.

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