Apr 01

Spring! Well… almost

I went looking for a quotation on spring to inspire us on this snowy April 1.  I wanted words to remind me that Yes! I will be able to sit outside without a jacket and watch the sun set in coming weeks even though this morning there are 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground and covering the trees.

Yes, it’s beautiful.   In November or December I would be really pleased to see this beautiful white stuff freshen the landscape.  Even now, on April 1 I cannot deny it’s fresh beauty.  And, I am just not in the mood to get out the snowblower one more time.

Then I saw this quotation, a blessed reminder that Joy is an inside job.  So I actively let go of my frustration and embrace my joy about the snow.

“Happiness is a quality of mind. It is something we possess within…If we do not have it within, nothing outside can give it to us.”   ~ Paramananda

Please share your favorite quotations about spring or Joy!  Thank you Paramananda.

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