Apr 03

Conscious Capitalism Going Mainstream

Fortune Magazine just published a wonderful article of an interview with Raj Sisodia, co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism Institute.  YIPPEE!!

As many of you know, Conscious Capitalism™ is one of the principals that inspires my work on Open Hearted Works, so I am really pleased to see the main stream media beginning to embrace the ideas.

One of the powerful statements in Raj’s article references the success of companies which embraced conscious principles during the Great Recession.  Their policies of protecting their employees paid off, “We tracked them. They were down much less than others. Because conscious companies operate in a system of loyalty, trust and caring, they tend to rally around each other when times are tough. They have a greater sense of oneness with their suppliers, with their employees, with their customers.”

And, from a specific company’s conscious actions, “The level of engagement and oneness and commitment and gratitude that these employees feel towards these kinds of businesses is tremendous. It’s just immense.”  I believe that employee commitment engenders customer loyalty, which means lower costs of marketing and sales, and higher profits.  Conscious Capitalism Works!

To learn more about Conscious Capitalism, you can visit my review of Raj’s recent masterclass at AuthorsGlobe.  Enjoy!

What are your thoughts on Conscious Capitalism?  What outcomes have you seen?  How can we help it grow?

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