Apr 06

My personal process…

I am a lot nervous and a little excited.  I am sharing Open Hearted Works and Conscious Capitalism™ in “public” for the first time tomorrow and people are actually traveling and paying to hear what I have to say!  Finalizing my presentation, lots of thoughts and emotions are running through my mind and heart.

  • Will the attendees be bored or put off?
  • Will they be open minded to sharing their ideas, ideals and goals?
  • Will the y think I am a complete whack job?

Then, I take a deep breath and realize how grateful I am for this opportunity–that I have had the support of dozens of insightful, thoughtful colleagues and authors to help me along on this journey.  I am grateful for my family and friends who hear me and help me understand myself, my goals and my heart.

Suddenly I have a very different attitude, my excitement is overtaking my nervousness and I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s workshop.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings as I put down in words how gratitude plays a role in Open Heartedness.  I have been giving some thought to this topic over the last few weeks.  This is a start… more to come.

If you have ideas, ideals, thoughts on gratitude and an Open Heart – please share!  You can add a comment, or contact me to be a guest blogger. Thank you!

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