Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 24

Insights from the Conference on Conscious Capitalism


I have lots to report from the Conference on Conscious Capitalism and will share in several blog posts over the next couple of weeks.  But before I go to the details I want to do something different for me–just share my impressions…open my heart. The energy in the room and hallways was similar to most …

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May 17

Where’s Your Home? Where’s Your Divinity?


I love the saying “Home is where the Heart is”, especially since I moved from California to Massachusetts many years ago.  I learned then that my heart has many homes (and it is wonderful to have them in different climates). I now know that: “Divinity is where the soul is.” If I can remain true …

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May 13

The Power of Smiling


We all know that smiling can make us feel better – right?  But is this short-term and temporary, or long-term?  BOTH! That’s the good news reported in Forbes Magazine in this insightful article. Ron Gutman’s research shows that smiling has positive short-term effects such as increased feelings of well-being and general happiness.  In addition, a …

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May 06

My personal process, part 2


A while ago I shared a bit of my personal process and emotions around getting ready for a workshop. The workshop was an especially important one–my first time talking about Open Hearted Works and Conscious Capitalism™ in public! The workshop went pretty well.  Like most of us, I anxiously opened the results from the survey …

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May 05

Confucius says…


When I was a kid and the world was MUCH larger, we used to think we knew something about the Chinese culture by saying “Confucius says…”  I thought he was a fictional character back then.  Over time I have learned the truth, but not really given it much thought until a couple of days ago. …

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