May 06

My personal process, part 2

A while ago I shared a bit of my personal process and emotions around getting ready for a workshop. The workshop was an especially important one–my first time talking about Open Hearted Works and Conscious Capitalism™ in public!

The workshop went pretty well.  Like most of us, I anxiously opened the results from the survey – did they like my work?  Was I able to communicate ideas clearly and in a way that helps them to take action?

The results…everyone who filled out the survey said they learned something and were “highly likely” or “somewhat likely” to recommend it. Whew (and yippee!). More important than knowing I was ok, I am glad that the attendees gained some knowledge and ideas.

I want to talk about why I wrote these personal process blog posts in the first place. A few weeks ago, I realized that I have been mostly writing about events and situations “out there”, then perhaps adding some personal insights or ideas. I have gotten away from sharing my heart, making an effort to be open and vulnerable–walk my talk. There are reasons for bringing in varied information; I want to share data that shows we are not alone in our desire to bring our whole self to our work and because this topic is somewhat new for me so I am seeking out experts.  But I was also a little nervous about sharing my self.  Posting that in my writing for the world to read (all 3 of you, including my mom) is a bit daunting.  When I think about getting deep ingo my personal views, thoughts and feelings – whoa nellie!

But, this blog is about being Open Hearted, so I shared my nervousness outside my personal journal.  And I felt better, supported by others who care. A couple of people even reached out to say thanks which feels so wonderful. Bottom line–I’m still here!  I did not expire from an exposed heart.

So, thank you for listening and supporting.  Where have you Opened Your Heart and been rewarded or supported, or at least not thwarted?  Please share!

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