May 24

Insights from the Conference on Conscious Capitalism

I have lots to report from the Conference on Conscious Capitalism and will share in several blog posts over the next couple of weeks.  But before I go to the details I want to do something different for me–just share my impressions…open my heart.

  • The energy in the room and hallways was similar to most business gatherings–energetic, enlivened, interested.  And there was more…an attitude of graciousness, REALLY wanting to get to know new friends and take existing friendships even deeper.  This sense is so strong it palpitates the energy around me most of the days.  I think it is this energy that leads many people to say the conference feels like “coming home.”
  • Every session leader shared wonderful information and worked to give the audience ideas and tips for taking action now. (And I will share them in future blog posts!)
  • Consciousness, mindfulness, spiritual journey, caring leadership and human engagement…these all mean different things to different people. Yet as human beings we are ALL on this journey together and heading toward the same vision.  Respect and honor are the keys to working together so we create the synergy that moves us quickly. At the conference there were a couple of times when I thought, “Hmphhh, that’s not the best way to be a conscious marketer (or leader or colleague.)” When I took a deep breath and thought about the situation with love, I realized that their journey is just different than mine.  It’s not wrong or even better, just different; and differences make for wonderful learning opportunities.

I would love to hear your impressions of the Conference, Conscious Capitalism, or your impressions of my impressions.  Please share!

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