Jun 21

The Summer Solstice and an Open Heart?

I am a heat seeker – I love summer! (and snuggling next to a fire in winter.)  I also love being outdoors, so have long wanted to join a celebration of the Summer Solstice.  Alas, other commitments make that impossible, so this year I decided to at least blog about it.  But my blog is about “Open Hearted Works”, how does that relate to the Summer Solstice?

Here are my thoughts… In the midst of our hectic lives and especially with the pressures of corporate life to achieve and succeed, keeping an Open Heart takes constant effort and vigilance to stay connected with our heart or core. One of the best ways to maintain or reinstate that connection is to be in contact with nature, and what better time than the longest day of the year!  The weather here in New England cooperated and I have already had my bowl of fruit on the back patio.  I will walk barefoot through the cool grass later in the heat of the mid-day.

Here are some other ways from round the world that our fellow humans are celebrating the Summer Solstice:

  • At Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England revelers experience a large statue showing great strength, saluting the sunrise.
  • Belarussian women wear wreathes during the Ivana Kupala festival near the town of Rakov. The traditional festival celebrates the summer solstice with overnight festivities such as people singing and dancing before jumping over campfires, as they believe it will purge them of their sins and make them healthier.

How do you Open Your Heart?  Is it by connecting with nature?  Celebrating something special, small or large? Please share!

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