Sep 07

Support for an Open Heart from a Technology Guru

Bob Jones surprised me recently.  

Bob is the founder and owner of TRIF, the company that provides the technology support for my firm and some of my clients.  From the day I met Bob I was impressed with his ability to rapidly understand and embrace technology, deliver extremely high quality to his clients and also understand and demonstrate the softer side of business.  In fact, I attribute some measure of his company’s long-term success to Bob’s ability to relish all these different aspects of business.

Yet Bob’s most recent company e-newsletter surprised me–the lead topic is titled “Being Open Hearted.”  NICE!  Shows me I need to be more open minded: about how fast the idea of Open Hearted Works is catching on and about our ability as humans to embrace many different dimensions of life on a daily basis.  In other words, I should not have been surprised by Bob’s newsletter.  Thanks for opening my mind Bob!

Please go to Bob’s newsletter to learn an easy, quick technique for getting in touch with our most profound organ–our Heart.  Think I will go practice right now!

How about you – what are techniques you use for getting in touch with your heart?  Have you read the book mentioned in Bob’s article?  Other books or articles?

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