Oct 07

Thank You Steve Jobs

I didn’t want to do this – write about Steve Jobs like everyone else.  It somehow feels wrong that I did not take time to say this before.  But his passing was so early and his effect on my world was great, and not just because I use a Mac or iPOD.  And so I write.  Steve Jobs had a tremendous effect on our world because he followed his heart and his dream.  Thank you Steve.

I have only been truly sad at the passing of two public figures – Steve Jobs and Jim Henson.  So I have been pondering why.  I think that both Steve and Jim Henson lived life to the fullest, would not stop until they had stretched the boundaries very thin, and gave creativity a new meaning.  Some times I feel badly that I do not live my life on the edge like they do, then decide that programming is a tremendous waste of energy and move on.  I am inspired by them every day.  Thank you again.

On another note – I almost got to shake hands with Steve once.  It was when the Lisa computer was introduced at Comdex in the early 80’s.  The Apple booth was CROWDED and though I was not really a computer geek, I liked technology and had to get close to my name sake.  More important was the fact that a man with the same first name as my brother had given a computer my name.  (Yes, only in my world is that cool–but as Steve said, follow your heart.)

Then, there in front of me was Steve Jobs.  I started to approach him to say thanks for naming a computer after me, then a couple of REAL Apple fans came up and it was obvious (even 30 years ago) that they were really enamored with Steve and Apple, so I stepped back, let them chat with Steve, just absorbing the moment. Steve was wearing a suit and tie so today when I see him photos of him in black turtleneck and jeans, it takes a moment to realize it’s him.  Funny how our minds work.

Thinking back and wondering why that moment stuck with me since it happened long before Steve was a universal icon, I realize that I was impressed with his being in the booth among the madding crowd.  One of the keys to Apple’s success is their connection with customers and as this example shows, it started in the beginning.

I wanted to relate to my kids why Steve’s presence means so much to me.  I tried to think of someone in their generation who represents the the principles that Steve lived so fully.  I could not.  I realized Steve is an icon in their generation as well.  His work and Apple’s affect is every bit as pertinent to their lives as to mine.

Well there, I’ve done it.  Written about Steve Jobs and feel more peaceful at his untimely passing.  You are in our hearts Steve Jobs.  Thank you.

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