Dec 30

Merry Christmas! Yes, it lives on…

I really love the spirit of Christmas–the sparkling lights and mirrored balls, green and red, houses and stores and malls decorated.  Even though the decorations at the mall are set up mostly to entice me to spend more, I still take time to enjoy them, not letting what I don’t like get in the way of what I do.

This year was no different, I had been reveling in the crisp air and baking cookies and fruitcake.  But I was not 100% in the spirit.  I even donated to a couple of red buckets with people ringing bells nearby.  Still my heart was not as open and excited as usual.

Exiting my 3rd grocery store in as many days, I heard the bell ringer.  Having donated yesterday and on my way to an appointment, I steered around him rushing toward my car.

Doing the Most Good

Then I heard it… “Merry Christmas.”  And he meant it!

And like the Grinch my heart grew two sizes that day.

I stopped and donated and returned his Merry Christmas with a smile.  At that moment my Christmas started, and hopefully will last throughout the year.

Thank you bell ringer.

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