Apr 14

Build a Culture of Trust

This blog post by Jennifer Miller inspired me to write this post.  Right in the beginning she asks whether in a business decisions are made quickly and how many people are CC’d or BCC’d emails.  Talk about getting to the heart of the matter quickly!

The article then discusses how there is no halfway in trust. For me, it’s like loving chocolate–we either do or we don’t.  Either a leader trusts their troops, and other colleagues, or they do not.  “Trust but verify” is not an option. She also discusses how trusting takes courage (at work and at home), and provides 5 great techniques for implementing or expanding trust in our organizations.

In addition, when we trust others we are open to learning from them. Talk about courage!

I felt that one of her techniques is a great place to use one of my favorite language switches… the word “and” in place of “but”.  Here’s my comment:

“The last sentence of point #4 is a perfect opportunity to use “and” in place of “but.” The word “but” almost always gives a negative impression.

Think of how powerful the sentence is with that change made:
“Yeah, you make a mistake… AND I still trust you.”



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