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Nov 08

Peace of Heart?

Interesting how the saying goes “peace of mind”, not “peace of heart.”  Our Heart is always at peace. As my good friend and counselor, Karen Attwood, says, “Longest distance in the universe, those 9-inches between the head and heart.” What practices do you have to connect head and heart?  One of my favorites is from …

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May 17

Where’s Your Home? Where’s Your Divinity?


I love the saying “Home is where the Heart is”, especially since I moved from California to Massachusetts many years ago.  I learned then that my heart has many homes (and it is wonderful to have them in different climates). I now know that: “Divinity is where the soul is.” If I can remain true …

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Feb 25

Go For It. HUG!

Almost any situation could use more true communication, especially business situations.  Knowing your colleagues well is a key to more true communications – right?  Recently I was in a business situation where it had been a while since I had seen a colleague I like and respect. Big smiles, happy to see you!  Then… an …

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Dec 14

Bumper Sticker

“Wag more.  Bark less.” On a car in the parking lot at Whole Foods