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Actions - small and large - you can do to promote Open Hearted Works!

Apr 05

Does Wanting to Make Money Mean We Are Greedy?

Here’s a GREAT blog post and personal exercise to complete from Ewan Townhead of Waking Up the Workplace.  Enjoy!

Aug 24

Even Seth Godin…

Seth Godin's Blog

Seth Godin is possibly the most published and widely recognized writer of business advice–books, blogging, and lots more.  His forte is marketing which is why I know of him and have read a few of his books and get daily emails with his blog posts. I am pleased to report that Open Hearted workplaces (and …

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Jun 07

Success in trying?

I am trying a lot of new things lately and realize that my fear of failure is the main reason I have avoided them in the past. As I take these steps, I am becoming more comfortable with the idea of failing for a few reasons. I do believe that failure contains useful lessons. There are …

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Sep 07

Support for an Open Heart from a Technology Guru

bob jones

Bob Jones surprised me recently.   Bob is the founder and owner of TRIF, the company that provides the technology support for my firm and some of my clients.  From the day I met Bob I was impressed with his ability to rapidly understand and embrace technology, deliver extremely high quality to his clients and …

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May 13

The Power of Smiling


We all know that smiling can make us feel better – right?  But is this short-term and temporary, or long-term?  BOTH! That’s the good news reported in Forbes Magazine in this insightful article. Ron Gutman’s research shows that smiling has positive short-term effects such as increased feelings of well-being and general happiness.  In addition, a …

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Mar 25

You’re Invited! Beyond Social Responsibility: Conscious Capitalism

Would you like to have more trust in today’s business institutions?  Enjoy working for or with them? More Evolved: The growing movement toward Conscious Capitalism® believes that a more evolved form of capitalism is advancing the quality of life for billions of people while simultaneously providing excellent corporate performance. Workshop and Conversation: I would like …

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Feb 22

Mojo and Maslow… More Key Learnings from a MasterClass

Last Friday I attended another WONDERFUL MasterClass by AuthorsGlobe, and am honored to report that I was again invited to be the guest blogger. The class was given by Chip Conley, Founder & Executive Chairman of Joie de Vivre Hospitality. The topic was based on Chip’s book, PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow.  As before …

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