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Stories give us much more than just the words they are composed of

Mar 29

It Starts with Us

How do you define loyalty?  Where is that fine line between the honorable hanging in and being loyal? For decades I have progressed toward recognizing situations that are unhealthy for me and leaving sooner than in the past, or perhaps not engaging at all.  More and more often, I find myself distinguishing the difference between …

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Mar 15

Deer and DRiVE

iStock deer 1879406XSma

After 2 years of not knowing how far I was riding, or how fast, I now had my cycle computer working!  What a thrill for a calculating mind like mine.  Something for my mind to check on every moment—how fast, how far, average speed?  Careful, keep up the pace to make sure I hit that …

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Jan 28

A Passion for Purpose

Following up to my post on Tuesday, I am happy to report that the Conscious Capitalism MasterClass online was a sellout crowd and many people have already told me that they were inspired by the message.  Raj and Shubhro certainly have a Passion for Purpose and it is very engaging. I am honored to be …

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Jan 18

Please Respect Me

Receptionists can make a big difference in how a company is perceived by the world.  I feel disrespected by my recent conversation with one and now have a sightly different opinion of the company. Here’s the situation: I ask the receptionist to talk with Ms. Smith.  She responds, “Who is calling?” and I give my …

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Dec 31

Even Facebook Needs OH Communication

First, let me explain that OH Communication is Open Hearted Communication–it means communicating our truth.  More on that a future blog post. The lead article in the business section of today’s New York Times is about twin brothers suing Facebook.  The twins say that Mark Zukerberg stole their idea to start Facebook and they received …

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Dec 17

More on the meaning of Open Hearted Works!

connected hearts

Being Open Hearted means approaching everything in life with an open heart. Having and Open Heart ensures that our heart cannot be broken because, like the tree that bends in the fierce wind, an open heart allows everything to flow – through, around, and inside.  An Open Heart knows that the only true source of …

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Dec 13

What is it?

Open Hearted Works is a community oriented Blog dedicated to those who believe (or want to believe) that keeping an open heart can work—in relationships, in day-to-day living, at work, at home—everywhere and in every situation! Visionaries have different ways of talking about the benefits of living with an open heart: Helen Keller 
”The best …

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