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May 06

My personal process, part 2


A while ago I shared a bit of my personal process and emotions around getting ready for a workshop. The workshop was an especially important one–my first time talking about Open Hearted Works and Conscious Capitalism™ in public! The workshop went pretty well.  Like most of us, I anxiously opened the results from the survey …

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Apr 19

More on “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work”


“Work is Love made visible” — Kahlil Gibran With these opening words from Tami Simon, the tele-workshop on conscious workplace launched with a bang and a grounding.  Tami is the founder, leader, and voice of Sounds True – a publishing company with a focus on mindfulness and known round the world.  The workshop was hosted by …

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Feb 22

Mojo and Maslow… More Key Learnings from a MasterClass

Last Friday I attended another WONDERFUL MasterClass by AuthorsGlobe, and am honored to report that I was again invited to be the guest blogger. The class was given by Chip Conley, Founder & Executive Chairman of Joie de Vivre Hospitality. The topic was based on Chip’s book, PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow.  As before …

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Feb 17

Thought Leader to Harvard Business Review?

Too funny, just opened today’s “Management Tip of the Day” from the Harvard Business Review.  Guess what?  They followed my lead from yesterday’s post about communication between different functions in a company. The tip says “If you bring people from different part of the organization together to innovate, it’s possible this jargon will get in …

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Feb 15

Early Stage & Global… OHW is NEEDED

Ryan Moore, GrandBanks Capital

Who cares?  It’s one of the main questions a business should ask. Because of my marketing background, I am used to asking that question about the structure and features of a company’s offering–who cares about the new function, feature or service?  Then last week, I heard a new take on the question–why should a US-based …

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