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Apr 19

More on “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work”


“Work is Love made visible” — Kahlil Gibran With these opening words from Tami Simon, the tele-workshop on conscious workplace launched with a bang and a grounding.  Tami is the founder, leader, and voice of Sounds True – a publishing company with a focus on mindfulness and known round the world.  The workshop was hosted by …

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Mar 29

It Starts with Us

How do you define loyalty?  Where is that fine line between the honorable hanging in and being loyal? For decades I have progressed toward recognizing situations that are unhealthy for me and leaving sooner than in the past, or perhaps not engaging at all.  More and more often, I find myself distinguishing the difference between …

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Mar 23

Going from a Closed to an Open Heart


I HATE those pop-up windows on my computer!  Don’t you?  Even when they tell me something useful, I still am quite annoyed by them. Then yesterday, my attitude changed a bit.  I logged in to Constant Contact.  Anxious to get to work on my email marketing campaign, I was annoyed to see a pop-up window. …

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Feb 17

Thought Leader to Harvard Business Review?

Too funny, just opened today’s “Management Tip of the Day” from the Harvard Business Review.  Guess what?  They followed my lead from yesterday’s post about communication between different functions in a company. The tip says “If you bring people from different part of the organization together to innovate, it’s possible this jargon will get in …

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Feb 04

It’s All About the People

One of the main tenets of Open Hearted Works is the full respect everyone in the workplace shows one another.  I think it is a vital part of the success of any company.  Some companies have used the recession as a reason to treat people at all levels of their workforce with less respect–from C-level …

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Jan 31

What We Envision

“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart – this you will build your life by, and this you will become.” ~ James Allen Saying from the peaceful website Interlude.com

Jan 18

Please Respect Me

Receptionists can make a big difference in how a company is perceived by the world.  I feel disrespected by my recent conversation with one and now have a sightly different opinion of the company. Here’s the situation: I ask the receptionist to talk with Ms. Smith.  She responds, “Who is calling?” and I give my …

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